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Brake Caliper Paint Application Instructions

Read all instructions prior to applying!

G2 BRAKE Caliper PaintSystem Set Contents:
1 aerosol can G2 BRAKE Cleaner Spray, 1 metal can Brake Caliper Paint, 1 glass jar PaintSystem Reactor, 1 stir stick, 1 application brush, 1 color decal.
Additional materials needed: masking tape, small wire brush, clean cotton cloth.

Product use is at own risk. G2 is not liable or responsible for any damage or injuries resulting from failure to comply with these instructions. G2 is also not liable for any damage or injury to vehicle or persons incurred during preparation, application, and/or curing of this product. This product cannot be used for brake discs, pads or shoes. Should the product come into contact with any of those parts, the paint must be removed immediately or the part must be replaced.

Only open cans immediately before use. Apply and use product only in dust-free, well-ventilated area. Working temperature must be between 56 - 70 degrees. Once mixed, the G2 Brake Caliper PaintSystem cannot be stored and must be used immediately - once mixed, there are only between 4-6hrs working time with the paint depending on ambient temperature. Plan the application process accordingly. Also, brake dust may contain asbestos. Wear safety clothing and a face mask while cleaning calipers.


Preparation - 
  • Remove all four wheels from the vehicle. This product was developed for easy DIY application so removal of calipers and/or drums will not be necessary; however, if you intend to paint inside the calipers, the brake pads may have to be removed before continuing.
  • Clean surfaces to be painted of grease, dirt, oil and any fluids with the enclosed G2 Brake Cleaner Spray. Use no degreasers! Spray should be applied liberally and allowed to air dry. Please read and follow specific instructions and cautions on can. Use a steel brush to loosen any rust and wipe away with a clean, lint free cloth.
  • Masking of the area to be painted is recommended. Cover all rubber parts and the brake bleeder screw.
Application -
  • Mix the entire jar of PaintSystem Reactor into the can of Brake Caliper Paint and mix it thoroughly with the enclosed stir stick. Leave the mixture to react for about 5 minutes and mix once more before applying.
  • Apply the reacted paint to the caliper or drum with the enclosed brush in a thin, even coat. A few bubbles will naturally appear in the first coat as a side effect of the reaction process.
  • Wait 15 minutes before applying a second coat to cover any bubbles and even out the gloss finish of each caliper.

Once the paint has fully cured, the vehicle may be driven as normal. Periodically clean brake calipers to maintain the high-gloss finish by simply spraying or wiping them off with a hose or damp cloth. Chemical cleaners will no longer be necessary.